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Chairman's Message

Dear Friends

The formation of our company DHL Infrabulls International Pvt. Ltd. was the sole purpose of defining real estate. Further my experience also showed that of the real estate player even do not have the sanctions for the projects. These aspects have resulted in the investors losing faith in real estate companies.

We started our first project GOLD CITY PHASE I at pithampur on 2nd June 2010 there after the company completed 5 more projects and on 2nd June 2011 we start our 6th project at MHOW by the name GOLD DUST.

The faith of the investors in our company is to extent that most of the projects are sold at the pre-launching stage itself. This has been possible because of the investor’s faith in the company. The company shall strive in future also to see that the investors get good growth on the investment and the end users are happy stain in the projects.